A really lazy release, wait a half day for a more proper one. (Fate/Kaleid original)

by royalgreentea

From Oyashiro: Jesus Christ, if you keep bitching about shit, I’m going to take down the links and talk to GT about dropping everything except Sayonara Zetusbou-Sensei. Given the mood he’s in, I don’t think this will be very hard. GT has been working his ass off nearly non-stop for the last week to get you the final two chapters and epilogue of the original Fate/Kaleid, and here you are bitching and moaning about us not working on 2wei. WE PROVIDE A SERVICE, FOR FREE, USING OUR SPARE TIME. WE’RE NOT GOING TO WASTE THAT TIME CATERING TO UNAPPRECIATIVE ASSHOLES, IF ALL THEY’RE GOING TO DO IS BITCH ABOUT HOW WE ALLOCATE THAT TIME TO PROJECTS. If you don’t like this, suck it up and deal with it, faggots. This is the internet, and it’s not going to get any better.

If the bitching continues, comment moderation WILL be reinstituted. ENOUGH. IS. ENOUGH.

Edit: Currently reading the 4chan thread on this. I lol’d.

I barely finished (at 4am) the remaining Fate/Kaleid chapter of the previous series. Get the unproper release here.
I gonna update this post after I come back half a day later, with a proper release and post.

That, if I not drive against a tree from the lack of sleep, or get even more ill than I’m right now…..

PS: Don’t comment, at least for now. I have the feeling even the most positiv comment on the world could offend me right now. My mood’s that bad ~_~”

PS: PS: If anyone has Joshiraku 5 raws, please contact us. We need them.

27 Comments to “A really lazy release, wait a half day for a more proper one. (Fate/Kaleid original)”

  1. thank you, i really appreciate that you have taken on the previous series, but im a bit more interested in the continuation of the current ones, could you update us on that one? pretty plz ;.;

    • Well, that’s the end of the first series, so we’re not going to have to worry about that anymore. We’ve got someone typesetting Fate/Kaleid 7 at the moment, and he’ll probably be ready within the next few days by the looks of it.

  2. Sly: this was the rough release. Get a life and rage about something else. 😉

  3. thx for the chapter ^^

  4. you hook us up with the sequel and now you go back to the pre-quel, what kind of sick joke is this?

    i demand blood

  5. I´m not the samefag that posted before, but I’m really pissed at the fact that you guys don’t release fkaleid 2wei.

    Also i wont mind aki sora as well..

  6. Nice trolling, now give us Aki and Magical lolis #7

  7. Hello,

    I know we shouldn’t be bitching about this, because you are doing good by finishing what started the series, but i would have waited till the end, to fill the gap.

    Just my opinion, please keep up the good work

  8. (Snif!) I’m so happy. Ala Atra didn’t release a new Illya chapter since October and now I finally know how it ended… but I wonder what happened. Why are you releasing the final chapters and not AA? Well, It doesn’t matter as long as we get more Illya.

    • A translator approached GT a couple weeks ago with the idea of giving us the scripts for the remaining Fate/Kaleid chapters. They felt that we were the best group to finish the series since Ala Atra dropped it, and GT was eager to do work with them in order to secure a possible translator for the future.

      But Christ, if you guys are going to bitch this much about shit, then we might as well just drop everything just to be rid of you.

      • Woah, woah, woah! I was just cusious about this and my question was just rhetoric without intent of bother anyone. In fact, I wanted to show my gratitude to SS, but I didn’t want to disturb GT.
        I know what is working under pressure and at the end no one is satisfied, but I don’t mind it at all. I do it because I like to or I have to.
        I understand GT’s bad mood, but sporadic emotions must never win, not even all of that bunch of idiots who don’t appreciate the work that you have done and try to desmoralize you. Just ignore them, they don’t deserve your time.

  9. Ok ok, but give us aki at least, and chill man, chill
    Aki is all i need

  10. LOL, you got trolled, like if we even care about this shit.

  11. Man..just man, you are scaring fans away.

  12. You have my gratitude for your work.
    I don’t have much else to say that might help you cheer up.
    If you have to let go the translation work for a time, do it, rest, change your mind, forget about the angry children for a while. Do what is best for you ; it won’t change the fact that you gave a lot already, and you have my gratitude for that, no matter what you may chose next.
    You deserved some thanks ; i thank you.

  13. i’ll wait for Aki-Sora, have patience. Don’t bother those who are pestering about the releases…

  14. nowadays not copyright issue or lacking of fans kill a team, but those “release where?” guys kill it.

    I’ve waited for Joshiraku for 1/2 year now, and it’s good to see it got trans-ed already.

  15. Really, now… you do all this and give it away for free, and people still complain. Lame.

    Well, I for one appreciate the hard work. I’d long ago lost any hope of seeing how the first series of Fate/Kaleid ended, and now here you come to save the day! Thank you for existing and also for being awesome.

  16. Thank you so much for this an all the work you put in :). Sorry to hear about the frustration of people complaining and demanding in my view how, when and what you release is fine by me and nothing to moan about. You do great work, lets send all those complainers to room 101!

  17. Thank you. Thank you very mcuh for the final chapters of the first series. I was afraid I would never learn what had happened. You’ve let me finish it, for which I am very grateful.

  18. Finally! After over half a year of waiting, the first Illia is finally done! :3

    Anons bitching above can go fvck themselves. I’d gladly wait for anything else to see this, reading Illia II without knowing how the first one ended really bugged me :/

    Thanks, again!

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