Good things come to those who wait….wait…er…

by suimasenscans

Yeah, so while select people were complaining about us finishing off the original run of Fate/Kaleid, we were also working on chapter 7 of Fate/Kaleid 2wei. Special thanks to slyborg in this release, without whom it would still be several weeks before GT recovered enough to typeset this himself. I don’t really have a lot to add today, except that we’re working on a decent batch of releases for our birthday bash on Thursday. Expect some cool stuff then.

The new chapter, by the way, can be found here.


EDIT: koda, if you’re reading this, we humbly invite you to guest troll for us on March 25, lol.

EDIT2: Whoever reports our releases to Baka Updates, will you kindly report the final three chapters of the original Fate/Kaleid? Thanks!

EDIT3: Projects pages have been updated, so you can also get the links there if you’re having trouble finding them in walls of text.


10 Comments to “Good things come to those who wait….wait…er…”

  1. I love you!

  2. Yeah Joshiraku!

  3. internets for you!

  4. Where are the chapters of the original Illya?

  5. Will there be a full release?

  6. Thank you so much for this gift!

  7. exellent work, I apreciate your time for compliting the original story of Illya and continuing the second part, i like very much your work.

  8. Finally, thanks a bunch!

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