Please Assume the Party Escort Submission Position

by suimasenscans

Happy birthday. Today, we’re putting out a nice little birthday feast for everyone in attendance, and while a couple of the planned dishes aren’t present, we still have quite a bit on the table. And, as promised, there is cake.


First off, we have a chapter of Fate/Kaleid.

Then, we have a Zan SZS script typeset by yours truly, SZS 145. Also on the SZS front, a retypeset of SZS 178, which we did in coordination with Hamasho from magazine scans. This version has been redone with magazine raws, and we hope you’ll appreciate the higher quality.

We also have a couple of releases of Joshiraku, chapter 3 and chapter 4. They’re typeset on low quality magazine scans, so bear with us if we got the characters’ names wrong (they’re on a sign that is in a bold, heavy calligraphy font, and the raws are poor enough that it’s nigh impossible to read the kanji. Suimasen and all that jazz.) Also, we need chapter 5 raws if anyone has them, otherwise we’re going to have to skip it until they release the tankobon.

The final release we have to offer today is Katteni Kaizo 36, which is continued character development of Jun. It’s got explosions in this chapter, so you’re all bound to enjoy it. I think.

We were going to have a few choice selections from GT, but he’s run into delievery problems, and his contributions to the birthday bash will be arriving over the next week or so.

All of this was done in the last 5 days. We weren’t withholding releases, I swear!

Thank you for everyone who’s stuck around with us for the last year, not because you wanted to, but because you have to. We earnestly look forward to releasing chapters with such QUALITY that some would take to the raws instead!


7 Comments to “Please Assume the Party Escort Submission Position”

  1. I’ve already put the names (according to kumeta wiki) to MAL:

  2. Downloading SZS chapter 145 at the speed of light… although I’m not quite sure how many kB/s that would be.

  3. i wont complain about fate kaleid is slow, please dont stop it T_T forgive us..

    by the way.. i found the raw of missing kaleid extra. it was in type moon ace vol 2 so no wonder i didnt found it haha..
    it was explained why rin wearing maid costume. so funny lol ^^

    hmm does this extra makes 4 now?

    • If you’ve got a source for the 2wei installments in Comp Ace march and April, we’d be more than happy to do them….

  4. Wow, massive release!!! Another chapter of my Illya? You’re so nice releasing 5 chapters in this month (sniff!).
    This is Suimasen’s birthday but we get the presents. Happy Birthday, thank you very much for your hard work in this year and Chuck bless you!

  5. More Ilya, hell yea!

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