Things are Going Swimmingly Around Here

by suimasenscans

Saving lives gives him a hard-on.

Well, we have yet another chapter from extreme lifeguard manga Tokyuu.

We should have chapter 3 here shortly as well. Special thanks to our new typesetter ketsuban and his work with this series, as well as mD-xD, who provided much of the preliminary proofread work for this project.

In other news, we have a new translator for Katteni Kaizo, so hopefully this year will see us make some major progress on that series.


8 Comments to “Things are Going Swimmingly Around Here”

  1. Thanks as always

  2. kudos for the new banner 😀

    second one
    いよいよ4月16日ごろ発売開始 『かってに改蔵』1~2巻!!

    New version of Kaizo for Kumeta’s 20th mangaka anniversary?

  4. looks like raw paradise just got Joshiraku#8

    (no watermarks)

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