A quick one-shot (Shinji and Asuka and a Hot Day)

by suimasenscans

So, about six hours ago, meki sent me a script for a one-shot, involving anime’s most famous hormonal teenager and her foil. He asked me if I could get it typeset in a few hours, I guess so he could read it in English. I replied that yes I could, and within 2 or 3 hours. Here I am, six hours later, just getting done, after getting hubris for biting off more than I could chew. I mean, the circuit supplying power to my computer blew not once, but twice, and the utter horridity of my internet prevented me from doing any necessary kanji lookups and stuff in a timely manner.

Long story short, I failed meki by taking twice as long as I said I would. If I were a real worker, I would have been fired. ;_;

Anyway, enjoy your slightly WAFFish one-shot.

Now I can go give my sleep-addled brain a bit of rest.


PS, can someone update baka-updates for this and the Tokyuu 2 release that came out the other day? Please?


9 Comments to “A quick one-shot (Shinji and Asuka and a Hot Day)”

  1. thanks for this…. emm, what is exactly this? I supose is something “interesting” of Evangelion, let’s see… =D

    OMG O_O

    thanks for this, I just got totally addicted to Evangelion, Since I bought Volumes 1-6 of the manga *o*

    I did expect some thing more with the title ._.”

    But still I liked it =D

  2. Many thanx for this post.

  3. Well… tits!

    • xD that’s enough for me =D

      And I’m officialy in love with Evangelion *o*

      BTW… I don’t know how to erase a comment, that’s why I posted like 3 xD sorry for that ._.

  4. Hehe, thanks for this!

  5. thx very much ^^

  6. wow we scanlated the same thing :).anyway good job:)

  7. thanks for this cute doujin 😀

  8. mediafire link is off (Invalid or Deleted File ) pls reupload

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