I’m out of lifeguard puns (Toykuu 4)

by suimasenscans

Well, here’s the fourth chapter for Tokyuu 4, courtesy of Ketsuban. I do believe this takes us to the end of the first volume.

Unfortunately, this looks like the last Tokyuu release for a while, as we don’t have any more scripts to typeset, and probably none forthcoming, either. If a translator would like to work on this, go ahead and contact us, and we can work out some kind of plan with it.

I think that’s about it, so at the risk of turning this into good-old-fashioned pleading for translators, here’s the chapter.

EDIT: Hey, I also need a cleaner….



6 Comments to “I’m out of lifeguard puns (Toykuu 4)”

  1. “I’m out of lifeguard puns”

    That’s actually funny xD

    anyway, thanks for the chapter =D

  2. So thus project needs some translator to throw it a life preserver?

  3. Thanks for the awesome chapter! I hope you find a translator soon! Then I could even help with the typesetting and cleaning!


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