Raws pl0x

by suimasenscans

Well, thanks to Shueisha’s rage quest against everybody, we’ve found ourselves deprived of a source of raws. Our raw sources for SZS, Joshiraku, and all the mahou loli have disappeared, so we’re kind of stuck when it comes to keeping up to date with these series (lol, I don’t think we’ve been caught up to anything in ages). Anyway, we’re going to need someone to step up and provide some raws, or sadly, we’re going to have to put these projects on hold.

12 Comments to “Raws pl0x”

  1. I understand you… I’m in exactly the same situation, but a friend could find the joshiraku raws that I send you, maybe he could finde any that comes?


    But now that I think, there are many SZS volumes without translating, couldn’t you do those? ._.

    I lack in english redacting xP

    • Translating SZS causes major PTSD and immediate desire to only TL things with dialog consisting entirely of “Baka!” and “Kisama!” or about lifeguards. Also our remaining senior TL has been busy fansubbing for some high school kids in Australia that like releasing patches and v2’s that still have lolfail massive timing errors. That may be done for now, so perhaps he’ll TL something else…..

      >I lack in english redacting xP

      You would be perfect for QC for the aforementioned fansub group….

      • “You would be perfect for QC for the aforementioned fansub group….”


        anyway… that problem with the raws should be solved with my help (?), at least with joshiraku Raws ^^ and It’s ok to wait a little for SZS, but really, It’s been a long time since the last release (I think…)

  2. I you need any joshiraku raw, just ask me, maybe I could give them to you, and Maybe I could do it for free =D


  3. I want da Joshiraku raw!

  4. Where is my Illya? ;.;

  5. The lack of Illya is depressing….. Hopefully that will somehow resolve itself.

  6. the nanoha/illya chapter has been in typesett status since 4ever, whats up with that?

    and dont get me started about the special….

    • It’s the end of the semester, man. There’s so much going on that a lot of us have no lives at the moment. Hopefully, we’ll get caught up here afrter a week or two.

  7. in my opinion… one should be more gentle with the scanlators, because, in my case, when the readers are not gentle, we don’t release anything even if we have something ^^

    well… I just want SZS -.- and maybe some Aki-sora *¬*

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