Slow News Days…

by suimasenscans

While all of you are waiting for nothing to get done, I’m busy making a cutout penguin army.

But it is Pen-Square, Get it?

Unfortunately, it's not Pen^2

I just need a box cutter and a little glue, and my job will be so much easier.


(If you want Mahou Loli 9, someone’s gonna need to get us good scans. The best ones we have right now look like this.

9 Comments to “Slow News Days…”

  1. xD that is exactly what I was going to do xD but there is so much ink nedded -.-

    I remember one of those, but with kiri’s shape =D Maybe I’ll do it later ^^ xD

  2. It’s pen square, but It’s not Pen^2


  3. lol at the scan

  4. I love that Penguin wish I could make something like that. I love penguins.

  5. are those really the best scans you got? uh -.-

  6. That is an adorable (emperor?) penguin papercraft. Are there instructions for it and Kiri?

    • The crafts themselves are extras in volume 18. I’m not sure about the quality of the scans that are out these days, but when I made that, the scans were only medium quality at best.

      The Kiri one is really easy, though. You just roll it into a cone.

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