by suimasenscans

It’s 1am, so I’ll make this short. Slyborg has finally found the time to sit down and finish the Fate/Nanoha special, or whichever way you want to put it or what. I’m half asleep right now, so if that strikes you as ungrammatical, you know why.

Chapter here.

I might make a better post for this in the morning, but in any case, it’s out now.

Slyborg wants you to spot the “hello meki”. Winner gets meki’s car. Or a penguin.


EDIT: seems that doujindl jacked our release and started a torrent with the ‘hentai’ tag. If any of you know anything you can do about this, please do something, as I would hate for this blog to get yanked because someone (mistakenly) thinks we host CP. Thanks!

EDIT2: All the doujindl links seem to be down, so I guess that’s that.


4 Comments to “Well…”


  2. putin.jpg Seriously guise…let the release breathe for at least an hour before downloading to bring out the full flavor…

  3. I think they want meki’s car.

  4. Many thanx.

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