Some Zetsubou-Sensei for you.

by suimasenscans

As this week is finals week for me, I have been busy with studying. However, I decided to sacrifice a bit of my time and get some Zetsubou-Sensei to keep you entertained while I embarked on scientific endeavors far beyond the imagination of most. To that end, I persuaded Kasu to translate this piece of short fiction which contains a shocking twist which you’d probably never see coming unless you’ve seen the Planet of the Apes or something. I also temporarily enlisted the help of slyborg, our sacrificial goat hardworking editor/typesetter to finish the bonus page for me while I proceeded to scramble my brain on geophysics.

I don’t have anything planned beyond the next couple days, so this is all I’ve got to give you all.

Here you go.

Yes, I know it’s quality, but it’s the best we’ve got.


10 Comments to “Some Zetsubou-Sensei for you.”

  1. Kiri…!

  2. Also… ‘ubran’ on page 3.

    • Thank you haesslich for pointing out my glaring mistake. Until I read this, I was content to allow other minor mistakes to remain in the chapter to stand as a monument to our utter incompetence. However, I don’t wish for one of *my* glaring mistakes to remain out on the internet forever, so your post compelled me to take the chapter back and fix all the minor mistakes against my will. This improves the quality of our product, and makes us all better people because of it.

  3. Sorry. Was unable to return to IRC to point it out by the time I got it.

  4. Lol, better to have quality than nothing at all. Thanks.

  5. I remember seeing the volume 18 raws, they were really awful -.-

    thanks for the chapter =D

  6. I became officially addicted to Nami *¬*

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