Some more SZS for you. (105, to be exact)

by suimasenscans

Yeah, so, I was straightening up my inbox a month ago, and found a nearly complete chapter laying in the rubble. GT had already done the majority of typesetting, all that needed to be done was proofread. However, when I pointed this out to him, he said he was busy and went back to killing bloody wankahs in TF2. So, I proofread, and then realized we didn’t have backgrounds or anything, and so it ended there. The other day, I remembered this, and asked Kasu for the backgrounds, to which she agreed to do. So, finally this chapter’s gotten the hell out of limbo.


It’s actually part a miniature story arc in SZS, which is completely surprising. I believe it begins with chapter 103, and continues through this chapter. I could have sworn I’d worked with SZS 104 at some point, but looking around on the intertubs, it’s not anywhere to be found, which I guess rules out that possibility. We’ll try to get around to it someday.



11 Comments to “Some more SZS for you. (105, to be exact)”

  1. thanks for the chapter, let’s see if I can understand something -.-

    emm… I could sworn I’d already read this some time in the past -.-

    I don’t want to be rude or anything, and I a also in a scanlation and I know how you feel when people come just to demand or complain… but I really need to sau this… I can’t believe the quality of this! and not exactly in the good way -.-

  2. what kind of quality are you talking about? that’d be nice to know. is it more the translation or the typesetting or the resolution of the scans…?

    • I’d say it’s the resolution of the scans… although I’m not totally sure what is the definition of that word -.-

      emm… I don’t know if I was wrong XD

      but what I really meant was… that scanlations usually clean a little the scans, and I noticed that the scans are really emm… dirty (?), I don’t know if that’s the word but you know what I mean…

      OK, maybe it wasn’t really that bad XD I did a great, zoom, that’s why I could notice if there was an ant when they scanned it or something XD and I was sleepy and probably drunk at that time -.-

      but I can really say, that you’ve really done it better in the past…

      • Delcallejo, don’t make me institute a ‘no commenting while drunk’ rule, please.

        While we do enjoy comments, I don’t like having to merge multiple comments into a single comment.

        • I’m sorry, that’s not my intention… -.- but I don’t know how to delete comments -.-

          anyway, I’ll try to remember this is not a forum next time ^-^

          and by the way… what’s with joshiraku? It’s not in the project status -.-

          again, I’m really sorry T_T

          • It’s fine, I’m not really angry about it, I was just letting you know.

            Also, Joshiraku is in search of a TL at the moment. Meki keeps saying he’s going to translate some in his free time. Hopefully we can get a translator lined up and stuff in the next couple of weeks.

          • I tried to translate some Joshiraku, but it turns out I can’t deal with it. Dunno why; maybe I’m too much of a n00b to Japanese to translate things with frequent use of dialects and also too much of a n00b to Rakugo.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with the quality, but I know for sure that you have already posted this chapter earlier. I still have the old chapter on my HD. The files say that I saved them on 5. September 2009.

    Not that I mind. I just read the chapter again, and it is still entertaining. 😉

    • Oh, lolololololol

      So we did. I guess I just misplaced the link for it, since I didn’t have a copy in my personal batch, and it wasn’t on the releases page. Thanks for pointing that out.

      I’ll just consider this a version 2 of this release, since the backgrounds and TL notes are probably fuller than in the original.

  4. “Joshiraku:
    meki translating some?”

    I really hope meki can finish something T_T

  5. page 5 had a doraemon reference
    the bully looks exactly like takeshi and the child looks exactly nobita. In most episodes of Doraemon Takeshi is bullies Nobita.

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