Still More SZS (Chapter 151)

by suimasenscans

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’m up until 2am again working on this stuff, but here I am. Here’s chapter 151. Run of the mill stuff, nothing special, unfortunately. If it seems like we’re skipping around, we are, but there’s starting to be some method to the madness. Kasu miscounted, and instead of picking up where we left off on our regular scanlating duties last May (at the beginning of Volume 15), she skipped ahead and started working on Volume 16. Right now, she’s translating chapter 152, which will be along in release form sooner or later.

Me, I’m going to be busy with visiting family over the next week, so things will probably be running a little slow during that time. I’ve also got some other projects to clear off my platter, which are essentially future projects here, as well as a couple of ‘typeset-for-translations’ projects that I’ve also been working on. If it comes to that, I can probably use the credit that I’ve earned doing this to get a chapter or two of Joshiraku TL’d.

But enough about hearing me drone on, I’ll bet you just want your chapter.

Here it is.

I’m going to go get some shuteye now. (I shouldn’t have let Ren and Stimpy distract me while I worked…)



9 Comments to “Still More SZS (Chapter 151)”

  1. Where’s GreenTea? I haven’t seen a post from him in a while.

  2. i didn’t miscount, I just thought it’d be nicer to finish volumes we started already 😉

  3. This world where battle games require so much skills led me to despair !

  4. that’s right, I haven’t seen GT in a while O_O

    anyway, thanks for the chapter, and I agree with kasu


  5. I just bought Joshiraku, but I found that every single page is as thick as a name card, and I don’t think I can scan it without ruining the book…

    • A recent visitor Hipek kindly supplied us with Joshi raws through Volume 10, so we’ll hopefully have more out in the near future….

  6. You guys are some of my new translation heroes, thanks for going the extra mile to include explanations for the myriad references. I don’t know how you track this stuff down but boy howdy am I glad you do.

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