Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club Ch. 1

by slyborg

He Shoots! He SCORES!

[In honor of the Chicago Blackhawks first Stanley Cup Final appearance…since this manga first came out…and the Philadelphia Flyers improbable journey there]


(Yuke!! Nangoku Hockey-bu) was mangaka Koji Kumeta’s first published serial, which ran to 23 volumes in Shōnen Sunday magazine between 1991 and 1996. During this time his art evolved radically to his current well-known style  represented by Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei. It chronicles the saga of one Getto Rando, who brings skills and skates honed in the frozen wastes of Canada to sunny Kyūshū, where for unknown reasons (probably the same reasons there is a team in Tampa Bay) his new high school has a hockey club team. He immediately starts trying to score in more than one sense.

It’s a worth a look for the classic 90’s manga character art, as well as MABOROSHI SHOT!!!

>Get it here<

(Please give us feedback on “Sushi Hockey” so we can determine if there’s enough interest to justify continued scanlating…)

Thanks to Suimasen’s resident hockey fan and new translator chaosof99 and typesetter ketsuban for bringing us this new (old) series.


[P.P.S. chaos informs me that he is rooting for the Flyers in the Final (begins 5/29). Being from Chicago, I must refer him back to P.S. above….]


19 Comments to “Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club Ch. 1”

  1. yes thank you been waiting for this for ever *hugs* everyone from Suimasen Scanlations for the chapter

  2. wow, I never thought you were going to translate this manga… I actually don’t like Hockey, but let’s give it a try…

    and I hope someday you can translate “The Sun’s Soldier Pokapoka”, It looks kinda…. “interesting”

  3. Thanks! I’ll have a look at that!

  4. I saw the light. Thought this would never see the light. Thanks!

  5. Many thanx Slyborg.

  6. I actually bought this manga, but soon I regreted… and learned that at that time there’s no such thing called “censoring” in Japan…

  7. i like it, thanks for the scans

  8. I like it very much, would love to see more of it…

  9. This was mentioned in a recent chapter of Hayate no Gotoku–when Klaus the butler is having a flashback to his younger days, his difference in appearance was compared to the art shift in this manga.

    • Indeed. I am not sure if you know the deeper connection behind that though. Hata, the mangaka of Hayate, used to be Kumeta’s assistant. However, we’re not sure when exactly he was in that position.

      • chaos, the connection is even deeper because Maeda(x G… ;D) also assists Hata. So I guess these people are/have to be all well in touch .

      • If my memory serves me correctly, Hata was Kumeta’s assistant for at least part of Katteni Kaizo. I’m not sure if he helped before that series or what, though.

      • In Vol.1 of this series Kumeta mentioned about his two assisstants who are called Kumasawa and Arimura.

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