Who certifies the certifiers?! (SZS 152)

by suimasenscans

Got another new chapter for you all. We’re trying to press our way through volume 16 of SZS, and I’m slowly making progress with getting it all typeset. (I think Kasu is actually to chapter 156, so I got some hard work to do to get caught up). Backgrounds were a major pain to typeset in this chapter, which is partly why it took so long to get out, but I guess laziness was the main factor. I got tired of working on backgrounds…

At any rate, Sensei gets (certified) brides from his classroom, and we learn Matoi’s mailing address. And there’s a Chiri rampage that actually gives me the creeps.


I think I’m going to take a break from SZS for a little bit, though. Expect some Katteni Kaizo soon.



7 Comments to “Who certifies the certifiers?! (SZS 152)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter

    And I’ll be waiting for Katteni Kaizou *-*

  2. Thank you!

    BTW, when I was finding the tankobon of Southern Ice Hockey Club, I got this:

    That’s Kumeta?!!!

    • when doing Southern Ice Hockey Club, Kumeta had quite a kind of “wave” to dress up (or undress….) and make some pretty… strange photos of himself. So yes, that’s Kumeta. There are hardly photos to find that were shot after Southern Ice Hockey Club. Most recent ones to find are those from the 2007 Kodansha Awards I think.

      • Oh and of course there also are those photos from the last pages of the new Katte ni Kaizô bunkobon but I don’t know when those were taken and those aren’t really photos of Kumeta but rather photos of a certain item with Chitan on it that happens to be held into the camera by Kumeta.

    • I like the ones where there’s somebody in his pants.

  3. Nobody yelled at GT-san yet?

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