Katteni Kaizo 37

by suimasenscans

Well, here it is. It starts out normally enough, but then takes it to a level that would make a fangirl proud. I don’t really feel like describing it, so I’ll just let you all read it and find out what I’m talking about.

>Here you go<

Although, this chapter made me beg GreenTea to release SZS 212 just so I could get a better Valentine’s Day story from Kumeta. He said, “lemme finish this armour set first, I’m almost done.”

Now, I’m going to be off to catch up on all the stuff that still needs to be typeset, which is another chapter of KK and about half a volume of SZS. Fortunately (for me), Kasu said she’s not going to be translating anything else, with the possible exception of a chapter or two of KK, until the end of July. Maybe now, I can get caught up.

Oh, and Ketsuban and slyborg are finishing up another chapter of Sushi Hockey. It should be out soon.


4 Comments to “Katteni Kaizo 37”

  1. My eyes!


  3. Did he ever finish his armor set?

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