Tennis and Hockey and Soccer Oh My! (SZS 155)

by suimasenscans

Well, another day, another chapter of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. This week’s chapter is about the Wimbledon Effect, in which opening the doors to something ultimately leads to a flood of that something coming in and ruining it for everyone else. It’s tangentially related to the sports kick in which we’re about to embark on, so I guess that’s good.


The next order of business will be Sushi Hockey, which will hopefully be out sometime in the next couple of days or so. This will be in honor of “The Team that Must Not Be Named (in front of Chaosof99)” winning the Stanley Cup.

Finally, in honor of the World Cup, we’ll be releasing a Kumeta one-shot based on the short adventure of a girl who inherits a soccer team from her father. More details will follow.


(I can’t be bothered to find preview pictures for SZS chapters because they’re usually late, I’ve worked on them all day, and by the time I get around to releasing them, I don’t feel like going the extra mile because I’ve *already* gone the extra mile.)


4 Comments to “Tennis and Hockey and Soccer Oh My! (SZS 155)”

  1. Thanks for the chapter and especially for the bonus pages.
    Is anyone aware of the American tennis player’s name on page 4? I can’t tell from her hairstyle. Maybe Chris Evert, since she won Wimbledon as well as the other players in this panel: Rafael Nadal (ESP), Roger Federer (SUI) and Maria Sharapova (RUS)?
    Btw: The English version of “Baka no Kabe” is called “The Wall of Fools” instead of “The Idiot’s Wall”, but I guess you were just translating the words.

    • Sha: yes, it’s that one. It was at the end of the Katteni Kaizô bunkoban vol. 3, that’s how I came across it.

      Hughes: Thanks for your remark. Usually, I look up if there’s an official English title for the books mentioned. I either forgot it here ore there’s more than one translation or I didn’t find it. I can’t remember anymore.

  2. Regarding one of the T/L notes for SZS 155, I thought that Kumeta has been showing a lot more restraint than in Katteni Kaizo 😉 In chapter 101, Sensei is actually covered with a circular piece of adhesive shading (as Maria lampshades) so except for episode 208 and Maria in vol. 18, I hadn’t noticed the ‘Wimbledon effect’. What else did I blink and miss?

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