Tired of the Vuvuzela?

by suimasenscans

Well, we’ve got a temporary fix to that problem. It’s called Tokuni Maketemo Kamawanai. I call it this, because the name in English is much, much longer.

In 2004, just a couple weeks after Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei began, Kumeta did this one-shot for Shogakukan. This is probably related to his departure from Shonen Sunday over to Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen. It’s certainly an interesting one-shot, although it doesn’t quite flow as smoothly as a chapter of Katteni Kaizo or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. This appeared in one of the Katteni Kaizo reprint volumes that are currently coming out, and Kasu was kind enough to scan and translate it for us.

Milan’s father is a soccer manager. On his deathbed, he entrusts her with the team, FC Sudden Death. Once a great power in J1, they’ve found themselves kicked out of the league and on the skids. Will Milan be able to turn the team around, or will she fall victim to the numerous pranks the team members play on each other?

Enjoy it, before you die of Vuvuzela overdose.


(Sushi Hockey 3 is somewhere soon.

And GT is finally working on Aki Sora

Oh, and the first two pages of this one-shot appeared in Shogakukan as color pages, which sadly, the KK reprint volume didn’t include. If someone can find us some nice, juicy raws of them, I’ll go back and redo the first two pages)


2 Comments to “Tired of the Vuvuzela?”

  1. Thanks for the one-shot.

    It was kinda funny, I liked it.

  2. This is kind of neat.


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