Plot? In my Aki-Sora (17)? It’s more likely than you think.

by royalgreentea

This is getting awkward

I’m back. And here it is.

The explanation why I was taking so long would take a decade
I had to put up with much trouble, and the aftereffects of that =/

But leave that aside for now, I can whine another day.

-GreenTea (High rank and bored)


27 Comments to “Plot? In my Aki-Sora (17)? It’s more likely than you think.”

  1. FUCK YEAH!!!!.

    I’ve been waiting 4 this!. XDDD >=3 ;P

    Also/on another note:

    This Manga was actually pretty nice too:

    And I think that it would have been in the same kind of “Genre” as Aki-Sora, at least in the part of not “Really” being an Hentai Manga but not a normal Ecchi one… (Borderline Hentai?… :\ )


    C Ya L8r then. ;P

  2. Thanks. Ur the greatest! 😉

  3. Thanks! Interesting chapter.

  4. Thanks for the new release!

  5. thanks for the chapter

  6. I love this series so much. Thanks for putting in the work you guys.

  7. thank you very mumch for the chapter.

  8. Thank you for making this available. Will the Aki Sora releases and info go back to being announced in their official section at:

  9. Yay! So happy! Been looking forward to this and 18 for a while now, thank you.

  10. Many thanx Royalgreentea.

  11. I finally found you!!!!
    Ive been looking everywhere for sunset lol ;p
    anyway thanks for this~

  12. Many thanks!

    one chap. of akisora->12 replys
    other project in the 1st page-> none above 5…… so sad…

    BTW, I’m Joshiraku-holic now, may I have the raws of chap 10 and 11?

  13. thanks GreenTea ^_^

  14. “The explanation why I was taking so long would take a decade”

    This one?

    Thanks for the chapter! xD

  15. Thanks. Ah, well, not like there are many chapters released anyway, I think only raw upto 18 are available on the net?

    • Regrettably true , Unless somebody scan and upload more raws there’s nothing that we can do about it.


  16. Oh,and look! Some preview for the lastest chapter (21).

    – A man wearing glasses in the screenshot above is Kana’s dad by the way.
    – Shotgun marriage anyone?

  17. You know, as a fellow scanlator, I’m not going to do anything rude like steal this project, but I seriously have to wonder why groups take this long to translate a chapter.

    Actually translating a chapter for anyone with relatively good Japanese takes about a few hours at most, assuming some kanji lookup is required. If you’re a quality whore, a few more days goes into cleanup and all that jazz.

    As a married man with a full time job, I can usually put out a chapter in a week at longest…. I’ll never understand how people go for months to do one. If you’re working 5 jobs with no free time, maybe scanlating isn’t for you.

  18. in xase anyone cares, old page 14 was opened by me in notepad and, after reading a bit of the initial markup language xml-like,
    I noticed adobe everywhere.
    So… In fact, that page was actually the .JPG Source: a Full Layered Editable .PSD Photoshop file. Awesome, right?!??… XD

    C Ya L8r then!. ;P

  19. wrong post. and i can’t even delete my own post…


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