Spai in the Base! (SZS 156)

by slyborg

Pinch hitting for Oyashiro here, who is busy examining the Carboniferous strata of western Pangaea or something this summer. Nonetheless, he and Kasu continue their conquest of Volume 16 with Chapter 156, entitled “You Know, That Neighboring Country”.

Did Fuura-chan capture them herself?

Sensei is rightly concerned about the prevalence of spies from a certain country infiltrating Japan. We have them here in the US as well, although they spend most of their time infiltrating Wal-Mart with cunningly designed and surprisingly affordable consumer products we didn’t know we needed.

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As always, interested in feedback on our sorry offerings, as well as votes for where we go next. Current planning is to complete Volume 16 by midsummer, and then possibly backfill Volume 15. However, we prioritize based on staff interest, presence of Namis – thousands of them, chapters not already covered in the anime treatments, and reader input. Basically in that order. But still – make your voices heard!  Best comment wins a Nene Anegasaki mousepad that I got out of a Comptiq issue.


11 Comments to “Spai in the Base! (SZS 156)”

  1. thanks for the chapter, and It would be better if you complete any volume n__n

  2. I’m sorry for asking this again, but… what about Joshiraku? .__.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    It seems you’ve forgotten an “i” in Koishikawa (小石川) on page 4. At least I’ve never heard of “Koshikawa” whereas Koishikawa is the part of Bunkyô, Tôkyô, Nozomu lives in.
    Although I’d love to read new chapters, I’m also very interested in comparing your versions with the animated ones. Therefore Vol. 10 and 11 would be great. I don’t expect that much from the Del Rey releases since David Ury’s translating SZS instead of Joyce Aurino (Vol. 1-4). I mean it’s not a big problem to call Nozomu “Nozomi” on the very first page, but just transcribing instead of checking the correct names (e. g. “Kemuko, Karumochin, Nyaho-nyaho-tama-kuro” instead of “Kemco, Calmotin, Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe”) is, because with his rendering you are not even able to estimate where Kumeta’s aiming at. And of course changing a character’s name is a major mistake (Jun Kutou). Ury’s lack of knowledge concerning allusions or his laziness (I don’t know which one, maybe both) is also obvious, if you compare his translation notes with Aurino’s explanations: Pictures everywhere! On the other hand Ury’s English is nearer to spoken language than Aurino’s. Btw, Oyashiro, this change in translators explains why Kiri says “Shut the door!”, which you were complaining about in your blog. But I got distracted.
    If you really don’t like to translate that much stuff already shown on TV (six chapters in Vol. 10 and seven in Vol. 11), then how about translating in order (starting with Vol. 17) after finishing Vol. 16 and 15? Kumeta is sometimes referring to former chapters (e. g. chapter 19, page 2, panel 3 refers to chapters 16-18). So you’d avoid explaining these jokes more than necessary.

    • Seemed like Oya really forgot that and we didn’t notice. Blame it on me, because I usually look at the typeset thing again before it’s posted here, but this time I didn’t since I’m too busy with university and SZS kind of seems to distract me too much in my studies so I’ve placed a ban on me until exams.
      Of course it is supposed to be Koishikawa. The joke also is that in Kumeta’s world, Koishikawa still is an independent ward of Tokyo, as it was until 1947 (Showa 22).
      I can’t say anything about the (changed) quality of the Del Rey translation, since I only own the first volume, but in there, they constantly typed “Sekiuchi” instead of Sekiutsu and I wonder why (since the Japanese books have furigana on every Kanji in bubbles).
      Also, the street signs are NOT normal signs most of the time as stated in the Translator’s Notes of vol.1
      I also wonder if the Del Rey folks know Kumetan-wiki. I’d like to get in touch with them to show them this…
      About the order how we’ll translate: I’ll start translating again around July 15 and I think I’ll do vol. 15 and after that, I want to go on normally. Though I might do some chapters I clearly love more than all the others first but that’s only 1 or 2 chapters so far.

      • In contrast to Ury, Aurino corrected the wrong name a few times in the first volume (e. g. page 120) and, if I remember it correctly, she always wrote Sekiutsu since the second volume.
        Getting in touch with Del Rey shouldn’t be a problem. Click the “contact”-button at their homepage (something with “randomhouse”; just search for “Del Rey Manga” and you’ll find it).
        I wish you all the best for the upcoming exams.

  4. Hughes: Well, I’m not too confident in contact-buttons since they mainly lead to customer services and I don’t think that those would even forward something like that to where it belongs.
    Thanks for your wishes!

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