Even Moar Fightan Mahou Lolis (Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA Illya 2wei Ch. 9 & April Special)

by slyborg

So after all kinds of drama with raws (`_`) we decided to scanlate some more Fate/Kaleid. Then we quickly started eating rorukeiki and drinking Jameson’s & root beer shots until we threw up and lost track of what we were doing. We were, in a word, verklempt. However, the drone of the vuvuzelas forced us out of our coma and we did something. We therefore proffer these fine scanlations from the glass-lined tanks of Suimasen in tribute to your good taste.

First up is an insert chapter of somewhat unknown chronology. I have it as a special that ran in the April issue of Comp Ace, but sequence-wise it seems to slot between Ch. 6 and Ch. 7. Perhaps one of our F/K friends can enlighten us as to the details. Caren Ortensia makes an appearance in 2wei as the school nurse at Homurahara and seems to know more about Kuro’s origins than she lets on… Also, bloomers serbisu.

> Get 2wei April Special here <

Next on offer is Chapter 9 of the 2wei storyline proper. EPIC SWORDFIGHTAN GOES DOWN IN THE ‘HOOD. Also, Mercedes 300SL serbisu.

> Get 2wei Chapter 9 here <

So honto ni gomen nasai on the delay, and please enjoy. Special thanks on these to our raw hunter Hipek, and Kasu for some TL checking.

P.S. Chapter 10 raws out there? Hook us up…

Dynamic zettai ryouiki

7 Comments to “Even Moar Fightan Mahou Lolis (Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA Illya 2wei Ch. 9 & April Special)”

  1. mediafire link on chapter 9 not working…

  2. This is fucking great!


  3. who is the doctor on the special chapter?

  4. Thank you for translating this series.

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