Volume 16 is coming to a conclusion! (SZS 160)

by suimasenscans

For the lack of anything better to post from this chapter

Well, I got this over with. Volume 16 is done, only a week before Kasu becomes a translation machine again and makes sure I drown in work. But she can’t drown me if I don’t drown myself first!

Statements like that aside, this week we embark on a surrealistic train trip that only Kafuka, Sensei, and Chie-sensei can ride. Decisions must be made in advance, but can Sensei make the biggest decision of them all? (No, but he can moan about it, though).


Anyway, I’ve gotta scramble to get KK 39 and 40 typeset before my workload piles up, which inevitably it will, not because typesetting is hard work, but I’ve got school and some summer reading to tackle. Is that asking too much (yes, it is, when you can speedread, claiming to have a pile of reading to get through is a really sorry excuse)


(P.S. The guy who wrote this incoherent post is being taken out back and shot. Our apologies for the inconvenience.)

Suimasen Scans Staff


3 Comments to “Volume 16 is coming to a conclusion! (SZS 160)”

  1. “P.S. The guy who wrote this incoherent post is being taken out back and shot. Our apologies for the inconvenience.” – Hmm, that sounds a lot like someone’s recently watching “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. So please don’t sack those responsible for the subtitles, no, I mean translation, typesetting and proofreading. And of course, don’t get bitten by a møøse.
    Alsø wik: Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Sometimes I curse the day I decided to watch this anime series. Not only it’s impossible to find in English subs outside the torrent magma, the Spanish subs for the first series seemed to be written by the offspring of a deranged teenager with a two-year-old playing on a keyboard.
    But I became addicted. So much so that when halfway through the second season they decided translation of background signs, cards, and lists of things that make our dear sensei desperate, was unnecessary, I raged at the heavens and decided to read the manga so I could have half an idea of what was going on.
    Silly, naïve me. I’ve spent the last two hours and twenty minutes trying to find it in anything remotely understandable. I found it first in Spanish (my mother language) but, alas, in Megaupload. Just when I was about to despair and go to bed, I come across this haven. I honestly don’t care whether you have newly born kittens for breakfast, or if you shower once every equinox: you people are the most beautiful creatures ever.
    Thank you.

  3. La_Sensei,

    They’re more beautiful than you could possibly imagine. In fact, they’re all beautiful women with extraordinarily smooth knees. That last bit is extremely important for you to know.


    It’s just a flesh wound.


    (P.S. Oya, Kafuka’s virginity is already lost to sensei. But don’t tell Kasu.)

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