Katteni Kaizo Double Trouble! (KK 39 and 40)

by suimasenscans

Fishing, the Special Department Club way.

Thanks to the little trouble of my internet, I found myself unable to upload things larger than a few tens of kilobytes. This problem, since rectified, led me to typeset what I could, and then upload it at a later time from an undisclosed location. During this time, I managed to get a couple of Katteni Kaizo chapters typeset.

In the first, Chitan has the hiccups, which obviously means certain death. Umi suggests he’s going to go to Heaven’s Country, which sounds much like an unidentified third-world country outside of the resort towns. (Hint: Heaven’s Country’s currency is the peso)

In the second, Kaizo and the Special Department Club go looking for an elusive fish Kaizo read about in some manga.

Both can be found here.


2 Comments to “Katteni Kaizo Double Trouble! (KK 39 and 40)”

  1. Thanks for the T/L note about Lake Shigarami. Years later in SZS, Maria dives into a lake, swims through an underground passage and winds up in the ocean (and I now finally get the reference).

    • This was the first thing I thought when I saw the thing about Lake Shigarami connecting to the sea. The problem is, when I went and checked, the lake Maria was jumping into was called “Biwako”. Apparently there is a Lake Biwako, but it’s in a different place than where Torauma City is supposedly located.

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