The Cabaret Root Paradise (√P Ch. 1)

by slyborg

Suimasen Scans is proud to bring you yet another piece of Kōji Kumeta’s back catalog with this title from 1993. It details the life and times of Haruhei Sakura, a rōnin
or kanendosei, a student who has failed to pass college entrance examinations, and is taking additional preparatory classes at a cram school in order to retake them. A girl in his cram school attracts his interest, which leads him into the wonderful world of Japanese hostess clubs…


This was a short-lived effort for Shokokukan by Kumeta-sensei, it ran to 24 chapters , collected in two volumes. We will (hopefully) be bringing you this in its entirety. Please read warmly!

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[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: ketsuban]


One Comment to “The Cabaret Root Paradise (√P Ch. 1)”

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Koji Kumeta loves Fujishima Kosuke’s AMG, and was an avid reader at the time. 😀

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