Things With A Tragic Past (Fate Kaleid Special 3)

by slyborg

AKA backstory, etc.

While cleaning our closets here at Suimasen World HQ, a couple of old Fate Kaleid specials were discovered and excavated. With the assistance of some helpful folks at the Beast’s Lair Type-Moon forum, these have been rendered into English for your edification. Special 3 is first (because we like to do things ass-backwards here) and explains why Rin is meido-styling in 2wei (^_^).

> Get Special 3 here <

Notes on nomenclature. I was confused on the chronology of these extra chapters, and I am now adhering to information from the Beast’s Lair T-M board. According to stevevay there, the last previously released Special should be called Special 5. I believe that Special 1 may still be missing in English. I have a Chinese scanlation (-_-) for this, but not the Japanese raw. If some kind Anon has this and can forward that, we will be happy to complete the collection.

[Translation: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg]

Special 2 will hopefully appear at some point. Image relevant.



2 Comments to “Things With A Tragic Past (Fate Kaleid Special 3)”

  1. yay, its finally translated. i have read the raws some tme ago and its still funny xD. thanks a lot ^^

  2. There should be a 4koma series of this. “Daily Life of Meido Rin”.

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