There’s another you out there… (SZS 142)

by suimasenscans

This week, Sensei discovers his doppelganger gappeldonger, which far from trying to kill him, only makes him question his very existence. Hilarity ensues. By downloading, you’ll get some Harumi in shorts and Matoi in a seifuku.

We were planning a release called the SZS circus, with 143, 214, and 222, but for various reasons, those aren’t ready yet.

Also, I’m taking a break for the next week or so.


(Root Paradise soon)


3 Comments to “There’s another you out there… (SZS 142)”

  1. Parallel to “Gäppeldonger” I just have to say “Schönke dan” or “Dalen Vienk”.

  2. I don’t mean to raise my leg, but the T/L note about NOVA should be in past tense as it shut down in late 2007.

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