Blog Updates

by slyborg

Sup. As you can see, new theme. Sort of provisional, has some pluses and minuses. Feedback welcome. Also, new banner, with artwork courtesy of the  talented artist sakebuotoko.  (For some more examples of his work

Also will be updating the Project pages here shortly to get them up to date for your searching convenience.

2 Comments to “Blog Updates”

  1. Well, I don’t care much about the aesthetics of a web page. Important are its contents.
    But if you want to read about my impression: It looks rather sterile and not friendly anymore, which is basically because of the used colours (blue and grey are associated with coldness resp. sterility) and the banner (though Sakebuotoko surely knows how to paint, the parody of Michelangelo Buonarroti’s “The Creation of Adam” fits better here, because Kumeta’s manga are funny and not as gloomy as the look on the faces of Sakebuotoko’s work). On the other hand the page looks a bit more professional.

  2. I like the new banner o.o

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