As if I couldn’t lose any more power… (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 222)

by suimasenscans

I suppose there really is no rest for the wicked…especially when you’re getting dragged by your ear to finish your damn job and get a chapter out. I suppose since I was resting at the time, the wicked one would be the one who dragged me out of vacation to do some work. This sucks, as most of my vacation was spent reading Leo Tolstoy’s Charles Bhepin’s “Shinji and Warhammer40k”, which I enjoyed quite thoroughly. The time after my vacation was spent typesetting, which I don’t enjoy quite as thoroughly. Speaking of typesetting, someone should totally volunteer to do this job on SZS for us. We’re getting far enough behind Kasu as it is. At this rate, we’ll never get caught up.

Anyway, we’ve decided to kinda split our focus a bit (lol, as if it weren’t already split enough) and take a three-prong approach to SZS. 1. We’re working on finishing volume 15 up. 2. We’re working on doing volume 17. 3. We’re working from the freshest round of magazine raws to come out in Japan, starting on chapter 222, and working our way up to the most current release, which at the time of this writing, is chapter 231.

This is the beginning of tackling the third prong of our strategy, chapter 222. It revolves around the phenomenon of “power spots”, where power is gained, and “poower spots”, where energy is drained. Sensei naturally comes to be in despair.

>>>>>>>>You can get that here. <<<<<<<<

Our current goal is to get the gaps filled in from chapter 143 all the way up to the present release. We're not going to bother with anything before Volume 13, which will be pulled whenever Del Ray gets up to it. We'd like everyone to support the author/licensing company that was kind enough to bring it overseas. (Volume 7 came out on Tuesday, btw) Provided we can get caught up, we *might* (and I say this tentatively), start an English translation of the Kumetan wiki, at least as far as SZS goes. That'll supplement whatever TL notes David Ury decides to give us. (HINT: his TL notes are probably skimpier than the ones we'd be putting together at the time we started this group).

As always, I've probably rambled on much too long, as you're not here to listen to me blather on, but to read. I can say with this, I don't blame you. I'm a very boring person.


(PS: this whole post is a poower spot)


One Comment to “As if I couldn’t lose any more power… (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 222)”

  1. The manga itself is a poower-spot, but one that I enjoy. Thanks for the update.

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