I’ll try and sum this up quickly (SZS 144 and 223)

by suimasenscans

First, we have Sensei ranting about people “big in subject”, people who use the term “we people” to apply to their own opinions. You can find these people around everywhere, especially here at Suimasen, where we’re all lazy.

Chapter 144

Also, in our continuing initiative to get caught up to the current magazine releases (now at chapter 232), here’s chapter 223, in which Sensei nearly gets himself killed multiple times by taking the class to harvest tea. Kafuka is really evil in this chapter, too.

Chapter 223

Hope you enjoy!

(Also, I’ve got a summer class coming down to the wire, as well as fall classes starting in about 2 weeks. I’ll try to get some KK done before then. Plus some more magazine chapters of SZS. Sorry about the quality on those, that’s the best we’ve got)


(Kept the word count under 150 this time, so I’m doing good)


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