If animals could talk, the world would lose its best listeners (SZS 146)

by slyborg

Yukatas ftw

Coming to the end of the summer festival season as we round into hachigatsu, both here in the US as well as Japan ;_; Will be attending the local O-Bon festival later today; I’m all about yakitori and the Bon Odori.

In this chapter, Kumeta-sensei is all about the issue of people deciding to attribute announcements to others in order to deflect responsibility or claim the imprimatur of a respected personage. As usual, this eventually veers into weird…

> Get it here <

[Translation: Kasu Typesetter: slyborg]

[Edit: According to Baka-Updates this also marks the 100th release by Suimasen Scanlations! 百冊万歳!We are of course very sorry that it took so long to reach this milestone – suimasen, suimasen! Nevertheless, we look forward to bringing you the next hundred as well. Thank you for considering our sorry offerings!]


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