The Red Data Scanlation Group releases… (SZS 148)

by Umin

Be nice to the environment! Protect comics that look like cartoons from the 1950s!

This time, it’s all about the environment in our new chapter of Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei.

There are numerous of Red Data Species you might have never heard of, but this chapter will make you become aware of them.

Protect them and save the environment by downloading the chapter


(And maybe you’ll find out that you’re an endangered species, too?)

We’re also trying hard to bring you the rest of vol. 15 by the end of this month (hopefully including the two chapters we now skipped in-between :/) Anyways, have fun with the new chapter and if you maybe actually want to do some typesetter/cleaner/editor – work for this series or the other Kumeta-stuff, feel very very free to come to our IRC-channel!

(and if I count correctly, there are still 52 SZS chapters left to translate until I’m completely up-to-date with SZS and can relax which means I’ll keep the boys busy for some more while…)


5 Comments to “The Red Data Scanlation Group releases… (SZS 148)”

  1. You release chapters rather fast recently!

  2. lol, it’s because we’ve actually got translations pouring in faster than we can handle them now.

  3. The SZS cast spends two chapters on a “Drifting Island” that even looks like the one in Nagasarete Airantou from a distance. Is there any connection between Kumeta sensei and the mangaka of NA (or is it just an easy target)?

  4. dayrains: It seems not since there is no entry about that author on Kumetanwiki.
    What I just found out when looking that stuff up, because it was interesting since you asked, is that Nonaka Ai who voices Kafuka in the SZS anime voiced the character Chikage in Nagasarete Airanto. So it makes perfect sense that Kafuka makes the remark about the island at everything getting “muhamuha” and it’s just another voice actor reference.

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