Achtung! Leechers! Kumeta-sensei would like a word… (SZS 149)

by slyborg

It's all very ordinary...

Wat. Two chapters in order? Have we gone mad?!

In this chapter, a very scary round of the “100 Stories”, where recycled gags return to terrorize Itoshiki-sensei and his joseitachi. He then realizes that this is just part of a larger symptom of parasitism that afflicts  Japan, and the world… >_> and we’re looking at you, dear leechers! <_< Also, more yukatas (^_^) and a last festival-related chapter to close out summer here at SS.

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(For fans of the SZS anime, this chapter appeared in Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 3.)

As previously mentioned by Oyashiro, Del Rey’s Volume 7 edition is out this month, so don’t be parasites, go out and get it! The translations are much better than our sorry attempts…in theory…but they also include the sometimes hilarious Kumeta-sensei commentary from the tankoubons. Check ’em out.

[Translator: Kasu  Typesetter: slyborg]


5 Comments to “Achtung! Leechers! Kumeta-sensei would like a word… (SZS 149)”

  1. is it me or SZS is the best harem manga ever?

  2. First off, thank you!

    Perhaps you should’ve added that another reading of the kanji 凡 (BON) is nami.
    Ad “Bari Bari Ba Ryû”: I guess you meant “Sekai Baribari Value”, “Baribari Value” for short.

    Ad Vol. 7: Well, since David Ury still operates on a poor level concerning names I can’t call his interpretation of SZS well done. Mere translating is not sufficient for a professional. He gets paid for it, so it’s part of his duty to investigate what he’s writing about. E. g. In this volume he interprets “吾輩はネロである“ (Wagahai wa nero de aru), the title of the “Zetsubou Literary Compilation” (page 152), as “They call me Nero”. Nello, not Nero, is the protagonist of “Flanders no Inu” (“A Dog of Flanders”; for those of you speaking German you might know this story by its anime adaptation “Niklaas, ein Junge aus Flandern”), whose end is described in this “Zetsubou Literary Compilation” (and at the end of Zoku 07). Because the title is a pun on Natsume Sôseki’s “吾輩は猫である“ (Wagahai wa neko de aru; official English title: “I am a cat”) which Ury, of course, doesn’t mention in his translation notes, it’s better rendered as “I am Nello”.
    Other examples: Ruben (Rubens), JEFF United (JEF United), Ganba Osaka (Gamba Osaka). Instead of spending that much time with his friends Ruben and Jeff poor David should watch the football (soccer) more often. What’s next? Urawa Reddo Daiyamonzu? Raki Suta? I’m also not happy with “Crystal Takigawa” instead of Christel Takigawa, a real person’s name. Imho it would have been better to explain the pun in the “translation notes” section (Crystal and Christel are both written クリステル).
    The second complaint I have about Ury’s SZS version was already mentioned by Oyashiro. If Ury continues with this decrease in explanations, there won’t be a single translation note by the ninth volume.
    But don’t get me wrong. Apart from these two lapses, it‘s a well written and very enjoyable book and I laughed a lot. It’s just sad that Ury isn’t giving his best as these mistakes which could have been easily avoided show.

    • >Perhaps you should’ve added that another reading of the kanji 凡 (BON) is nami.

      :facepalm: How did we miss that? And it’s a name reading, even. Good observation, Hughes-san. Think I might have rendered her song differently, too.

    • I still wonder, why the people at DelRey obviously don’t know Kumetan-wiki. I think I’ll really try to give them the link…
      Moreover, I know that translator’s notes are a nice gimmick of the publisher and you can’t let them waste too much space because it’s what the publishers pays extra… but for SZS those are important. Why don’t Del Rey open something like a blog on which the translator describes the numerous references and stuff? Would be cheaper. Wouldn’t be restricted in size.

      And them I’m wondering how you can possibly translate Japanese comics and obviously don’t know a shit about other Japanese comics and animation series, celebrities and literature. Natsumi Sôseki is something you should know. You should always know how to find which books Natsume has written,,, “I am a cat” even has its own page on Wikipedia…
      I also think that’s the mistake most publishers make… their translators know Japanese. Perfectly. But they don’t know the surroundings of what they’re translationg :/

      And in case of SZS, those surroundings include tons of literature, movies, comics, songs etc.

      Also, thanks on the Kanji-reading, don’t know how I could miss that one. Maybe because another name-reading was Hiro… *takes her legs and runs away in shame*

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