Stylin’ with Sensei (SZS 161)

by slyborg

Chiri sees you f*p*ing....

Another day, another post…at this rate we’ll be done in a month or two! =(^_^)= Ok, maybe not.

In this installment, Sensei receives erroneous information from Kafuka-chan regarding the expected behavior of the cosmopolitan residents of Tokyo. This ends up leading to all kinds of unreasonable situations, which end up displeasing Chiri and making Sensei taller.

>> Get it here <<

This chapter also marks the debut of new typesetter SoulZedge, we are pleased to have him on our sorry scanmobile here…please welcome him aboard!

[Translation: Kasu Typesetter: SoulZedge]


One Comment to “Stylin’ with Sensei (SZS 161)”

  1. So SZ is working for SS on SZS? Sounds good. Welcome and thanks!

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