Proofreaders, typesetters and translators needed!

by Umin

We’re in desparate need of proofreaders, could use one or more additional typesetters and would like some more translators!
For more information, please see the recruitment-page.

18 Comments to “Proofreaders, typesetters and translators needed!”

  1. I would like to be a proofreader for

  2. i only follow the Fate/Kaleid series, so i would like to proofread for that, other series i’m totally not familiar, i won’t mind doing others though, but not too much. i hope i’ll get your reply, thanks…

  3. Nobody translates Fate/Kaleid but me, so thats a no touchy series as well

    • (`_`) We’re talking proofing here, of which your TL needs plenty 😉 GuestA, hop on our IRC channel sometime so we can get some info; at the moment there is a shortage of raws for FK, which will hopefully be alleviated once Kodakawa gets its collective atama out of its collective oshiri and restocks the 2wei vol. 2 tankoubon.

  4. for aki sora thats about the only one i follow.

  5. Hey there, just a quick note: my brothers back so I wont be able to work at all this weekend, maybe Monday to, but once I get everything running on the spare PC upstairs it should be ok, (its in bits ATM)

  6. I’m a native English speaker~
    And since I can’t speak any other language, I make sure that my English is correct at all times!
    I would love to help you in your proofreading needs, that is, if you still need a proofreader.

  7. irc is broken, guise

  8. i couldn’t find suimasen in IRC too, can anyone help me? thanks.


  10. that’s the error i’m getting, but it comes up on growl, so i cant copy/paste it ;-;

  11. Hello,
    I don’t know if y’all still need proofreaders? I’m a native English speaker, and I am also an English major. Also, I promise I won’t use the word y’all in scans.
    As evidence of my proofreading ability, I have corrected and excerpt from Kesha’s song tik tok. Mainly because I have it stuck in my head because it’s my roommate’s favorite song and she set it as both her alarm and ringtone. Sometimes, she doesn’t answer her phone, just so she can listen to this song, it’s really special.
    I don’t have a care in the world, because I’ve got plenty of beer.
    I don’t have any money, but I’m already here.
    All the guys are coming over, but I won’t talk to them unless they look like the incredibly unattractive, yet very wealthy Mick Jagger.
    I’m talking about getting drunk.
    The boys are trying to touch me inapropriately.
    I have to slap them if they get too drunk.
    We’ll party until we get kicked out, or the police shut the party down.
    The Police will shut the party down.
    Don’t stop dancing.
    D.J. turn up the music all the way.
    Tonight I’m going to fight until I see the sunlight.
    The clock goes tick tock, but the party doesn’t stop.
    I used contractions so it would seem less formal, which I assume you’re looking for because most of the things I will be proofreading will be dialogues, and people don’t normally speak formally.
    Oh, and sorry about the cutesy name, but that’s actually my name. I mean the name everyone calls me, not my birth name.

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