Joshiraku, you say? (Joshi 6)

by slyborg

So, I had originally wanted to release in order on this title from here, but my hand was forced by Mangafox declaring Joshiraku its “Manga of the Week” as noted by GreenTea below. Also, our raw provider Hipek has been patiently waiting over9000 weeks for us to get busy here, so –  Na zdrowie! (Rumor has it that we may have a translation for Ch. 5 soon, but no promises. Not that you’d believe us anyway.)

>> Get it here <<

Sup, Strongbad

One of the issues with Joshiraku is that it’s quirky Japanese even by normal Kumeta standards, and has been a handful for our TLs (and editors). This chapter is a good example, with Mari-san ranting about the hiragana “す” (-_-). Hopefully we didn’t make a complete botch of it. Apart from that, though, an amusing game of potluck transpires, concluding with an appearance by Strongbad.

Forgot to mention that this is on tankoubon raws, as will releases from here out on Volume 1. No schedule on re-releases of the previous chapters that were on magazine raws yet….

[Translator: hika Typesetter: slyborg]


One Comment to “Joshiraku, you say? (Joshi 6)”

  1. How come that I missed this post? o.o

    I’m starting to like this manga, maybe a little more than SZS (Ok, maybe not…)

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