Projects Status

by slyborg

It can't be helped.

Our staff has become busy with various IRL activities, which is, admittedly, a shock to us all. As a result, a number of key folks are now limited to baito status down here in the ‘hood. Expect (even) slower releases but for the unlikely event of a sudden influx of talented individuals with no lives.

More specifically:

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei : We have raws, we have enough TL to keep us busy for some time. This is the flagship, so we’ll put men in the rigging here first. Or something. Our plan is to catch up to the manga before Kodansha kills it.

Katteni Kaizou : Also supplied with raws and TL, and a despair-inducing way to go.

Joshiraku : Difficult to get TL for this, but we have the Vol. 1 tank raws and will try to finish that at least.

Root Paradise : Kasu isn’t a big fan, if we don’t find another TL to pick this up, we will probably drop Root.

Southern Ice : TL for this has been swamped with University, on indefinite hold.

Aki Sora : the less said about this, the better. Assume it will continue to appear at triple conjunctions of The Sun, the Moon, and Uranus.

Tokkyuu : Suddenly, a wild translator appears! The inimitable PROzess has taken an interest in the perpetually dying Hyougo and is spotting hika on this title. Expect more Tokkyuu shortly, and welcome and thanks to PROzess.

Fate/Kaleid : I have tired of the trolling of PD/Share on the raws for Mahou Loli, and we are securing our own scans for the remainder of 2wei. We will finish this in its entirety this year. Assuming the Zetas don’t get meki.

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