Suimasen, Kasu~! (Also SZS 143)

by royalgreentea

It’s been like a century since I posted here. Neglecting duty, playing Mon-hun, conquering Sengoku Rance and getting addicted to Zerg-Rush 2, I’m finally back with another Release. And a new (still in work) credit page. Get your stuff ->here<-

Also I’m writing this post to offically apologize to Kasu. We miss you. I miss you. Come baaack–!

-GreenTea  (Capitalism, ho!)

8 Comments to “Suimasen, Kasu~! (Also SZS 143)”

  1. すいません、I won’t come back… for now.
    Since I’m way too busy with rl stuff (yes I have one) at the moment, I can’t let anything disturb me right now which includes our group. すいません!(>O<)
    I will come back when I’ve returned from my trip to グローリアス日本, where I will probably leave all my money at a magic place called Book OFF.

  2. Right now I’m also enjoying the “Zerg Rush 2” too.

    Except that I prefer using Mass Void Rays to pulverize the comp bases instead. lol

  3. Kasuuu
    don’t forget my BL doujin yes 😀

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