The Storm (Tokkyuu 8)

by slyborg

Where all the TL's be at?

Hyougo is looking for some folks to drown, and the more, the better. Looks like he’s about to get his wish as a storm moves into the Sea of Japan…

>> Get it here <<

[Translator: PROzess Typesetter: ketsuban]

In other news, ドラマー suddenly blows onto the scene, causing oldfags such as myself much :facepalm: and (`_`)

Updated Projects Status: NO TRANSLATORS LOL KTHXBAI.

(Kasu is also busy with uni and then stalking Kumeta-sensei in Nippon for two weeks, but we have the backlog to work through. All other TLs ragequit/were beheaded by the Zetas. Speak Japanese? Want a chance to ragequit an established scan group? Drop by #suimasenscans @ and troll us today!


5 Comments to “The Storm (Tokkyuu 8)”

  1. the link not there and thx for the new chap

  2. Uhh, kay?

  3. …ragequit? wtf happened? :O

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