I’m leap, daba dee dabadi~~ (SZS 166)

by Umin


I know it! You're a leap person!


Yes I know, this headline is totally lame… Suimasen!

Leap people are on the run! Be careful!
Watch Chiri getting irritated by every leap thing that there is in this world.

Also be prepared for supreme MEOW-Action.

Get the leap chapter

Also, if you by any chance know how to translate, typeset or proofread, talk to us.


11 Comments to “I’m leap, daba dee dabadi~~ (SZS 166)”

  1. In case you were wondering (I was), the title is an Eiffel 65 reference….

  2. thanks for chaters, jst out of curiosity, are u guys gonna scan the chaptersthat have been removed on mangafox?

    • No. Those chapters are available in an official English version by Del Rey, which I’d heavily suggest to buy anyways if you don’t know Japanese (or you buy the French translation from Edition Pika~~)

      (And as for me btw, I also can’t understand why we still have our chapter 30 online.)

  3. Thank you for the chapter.

    Typo: The baseball player’s second wife is called Enomoto.
    Isn’t 重婚 (jûkon) also “remarriage” (I know, it’s usually 再婚, saikon)? It would fit better than “bigamy”, because Kazuhiro Sasaki had an affair with Kanako Enomoto whilst married with Kaori Shimizu, but he wasn’t Enomoto’s husband at the same time.
    I don’t know for sure, but I think the last panel on page 8 refers to the Oricon/Hiro Ugaya lawsuit in 2006.

    On another note (Sorry for answering that late, katsukasu):
    If you still want to introduce David Ury to the world of wiki.kumetan.net, try your best at Ury’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/davidury?blend=2&ob=1. I’m 99 % sure it’s the same David Ury who translates SZS for Del Rey (compare with his pages at imdb and ANN). Commenting there should do the trick to improve his SZS translations.
    Ad Vol. 7: Take a look at the end of the book and you’ll see that Del Rey is already wasting money. E. g. page 159: This very page shows an enormous amount of 24 words plus two pictures resulting in leaving more than 50 % blank. Sadly enough this is not the only page being tantamount to a peeve to the buyer. In addition, showing pictures in the “translation notes” section is also wasteful (and useless). Thus space is not the problem here, and a blog would be like Nami (from her POV): Not getting enough attention. It’d be mainly noticed by those already buying the books, but you can’t catch new customers with it.

    • Hughes: I think the “bigamy”-thing is aiming at that affiar. I’d interpret 重婚 as “fornication” (…sorry i looked it up, if I picked the wrong word: german would be “Ehebruch”)
      Thanks for the link, I guess I’ll write him here.
      On the other hand I wouldn’t be sure that he’ll keep translating SZS since all Del Rey publications are going to get passed on to Kôdansha USA – so maybe they’ll change stuff anyways.
      Also why would you want to attract customers with Translator’s Notes? Someone who is *about* to buy the book usually won’t take a look there anyways. And also not at vol.7 I guess.

  4. WAIT A MOMENT IF THAT GUY IS THE GUY WHO TRANSLATES SZS THAT MEANS KEN TANAKA IS THE GUY WHO TRANSLATES SZS!?!?!?!?!??! (someone wrote a comment into his youtube chan)
    THSI MAN? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuFe5lqBAYE O___O


    • Ad 重婚: Well, it seems I wasn’t able to express properly what I was up to. Sumimasen. I got the impression that Kumeta wrote purposely “jûkon” instead of “saikon”, because it is ambiguous. He wants to tease a little. The
      (literally correct) translation “bigamy” is not ambiguous anymore. Moreover, it’s untrue, defaming (Okay, Sasaki already lost his face by committing adultery (Ehebruch), but bigamy is worse, because it is liable to prosecution.) and maybe a reason to sue. Hence gg’s “second marriage” in Zan 05 (around 14:15). So, especially if you are or want to become a professional translator or something alike, please, for your own good, be careful with translations that involve a real person.
      Ad Kôdansha USA: It wouldn’t be that unusual for a new publisher to keep the old translators who are familiar with everything.
      “Someone who is *about* to buy the book” and chooses carefully what she/he is buying might be convinced by a section which explains more allusions and jokes than she/he realized herself/himself. Of course, you won’t attract those who don’t look at these last few pages (or the table of contents). Furthermore, if you’ve already bought a copy, it could be the deciding incentive to buy the next volume.
      Ad Ken Tanaka: Now you know why I don’t think that David Ury doesn’t know Jack about Japanese culture.
      I think he’s just lazy when translating SZS.
      About the capitals: I took those as an expression that you were truly surprised. No need to excuse.
      Ad chapter 163: What was about Yûji “Aoshima-kun” Oda? The link doesn’t work.

      • Hughes:
        bigamy: I think it *is* supposed to be (very) offensive. I don’t know how many chapters of SZS in Japanese you have read so far, but Kumeta can be pretty offensive at times, involving real persons, real companies, himself etc. pp. especially in his background texts.
        Also if I were a professional translator, I wouldn’t be able to attach that much notes because a) it’d waste costs in printing and b) there weren’t enough time so noone would find out about this anyways ;D and on top of that, I’d translate Japanese -> German 😉 (And I guess you know that you can express almost everything way better using your mothertongue 😉 )

        David Ury: I personally don’t think he’s lazy. I think he doesn’t have the time. On the other hand I guess sites like Kumetan-wiki make you save some time when doing a comic like this. Also I don’t know how much knowledge he has about certain things in Japan you had to find out (if there were no kumetan-wiki), including e.g. books I bet 80% of all Japanese have never heard of. And I don’t think that would be worth the effort since Translators for literature/comics/stuff are usually paid like shit.

        Chapter 163: Some years ago, Yûji Oda used the phrase “kitaaaaaaa!” in commercials for eyedrops. Comedian Takahiro Yamamoto a few years later parodied that frequently on TV programs (see e.g. here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZdx1QU9wII or here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0WQHhE2SrA) and Oda was not too fond of that and asked him to stop that (maybe because that phrase had become something like a meme ever since those impersionations were shown)

        Then I have another question to ask you: Since you comment so much on really detailed stuff also dealing with translating certain words just like here, it seems to me that you a) know Japanese and b) know way more Japanese than I do (which is no special trick since I’ve been studying Japanese for one year now so it’s actually pretty shitty) so WHY THE HECK haven’t you joined this group yet. WE NEED TRANSLATORS *_* I can’t do it all~~~*drops dead*

  5. This is sure a wall of text here.

  6. @katsukasu:
    Thanks for the links, especially for the one with the “Odoru Daisôsasen” parodies.
    You’re right about the offensiveness, but writing “bigamy” without any further explanation is too offensive. “Second marriage” on the other hand is not pointed enough to carry Kumeta’s intended satire. However, it fits better here, because no one would be able to sue you and your publisher (if this interpretation were part of an official translation). Of course, the best solution would be explaining what Kumeta was doing here.
    I don’t get your second paragraph. It seems a bit too incoherent – at least for me. Btw: if you want to answer in German, just use my e-mail address. I guess you can see it anyway.
    I wish I could read your German version of SZS, because every translation is usually superior to the translation of a translation. Ever considered adding it to the .rar-file?
    Ad David Ury: Let me rephrase: He’s not lazy, but too lazy when translating SZS. If he doesn’t have enough time for doing his job, then he is the wrong person for it. Don’t you think? However, Kumetan-wiki could help Ury a lot, and he would be dumb not using it (see below).
    What exactly wouldn’t be worth the effort? Giving Ury the address of Kumetan-wiki? I don’t think it would be pointless, because a translator’s income also depends on his reputation. The better your output, the more often you’re noticed by publishers.
    Ad recruiting me: Sorry, even if I’d had your Japanese skills and were able to see through all of Kumeta’s cunning linguistic nuances and obscure allusions I don’t have enough time on my hands to translate SZS. All I’m doing SZS-wise is collecting these gags and the cultural background for my own little SZS almanac (in [Dschöamän], TV series only).

    • …well, tbh I can’t understand my 2nd paragraph anymore either :O
      What I think though is that professional translators cannot add lots and lots of annotations like we do because there’s no space for it in the books. If I were to translate something like SZS, I’d open a blog and ask the publisher to put this blogs address into the book – this blog then would contain all notes on the series. (I don’t think that’ll be needed for the Yaoi (;_;) -stuff my DMG Group will do though but my actual aim is more located somewhere about Carlsen, Ehapa and Tokyopop 😉 )

      BTW I dumped the kumetanwiki-address into Ury’s youtube, but I don’t think he answered to that. At least I haven’t read anything.

      As for a German translation of SZS, well I still have this crazy hope that a German publisher will licence SZS and do so once I am good and ready enough to do the translations for them. I’ve actually never translated any SZS chapter to german and atm also don’t have the time to do so but I might have this time someday. When I translated for Suimasen, I always did it directly from Japanese to English and only on rare ocassions had German in-between when a translation (mostly of idiomatics) would come up in German immediately but not in English.

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