Hail Alma Mater! (Cheer Cheer Ch. 1)

by slyborg


No, it's not "Oppaihime"


We were getting a little concerned that maybe people’s bodies were not ready for Aki Sora, so we’ve decided to put a training program in place:

Lilycure -> Root Paradise -> Cheer Cheer -> Aki Sora

>> Get it here <<

Joint with our bros at For The Halibut, check ’em for their other fine titles, all of which are irrelevant compared to The Deep that is Kämpfer….

Here’s the scoop on Cheer Cheer, it’s by the mangaka who also does Kaibutsu Oujo which you should also read.

You are probably wondering, as is everyone else, why there are cheerleaders in Japan. The answer, of course, is that after WWII MacArthur put it into the Japanese Constitution, which started the whole pantsu obsession, and ultimately, lolicons. So, really – are you going to tell me that Douglas MacArthur would have created lolicons if it were Un-American?!

[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: kundamstaf]

2 Comments to “Hail Alma Mater! (Cheer Cheer Ch. 1)”

  1. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for someone to translate this manga!

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