This Release is a DAED (SZS 181 and 239)

by suimasenscans

There's some Ai, too.

Fortunately, we’ve recently had an influx of new talent. But thanks to the Ringelmann effect, the amount of work we do doesn’t increase with each new person, it just makes the rest of us loaf around more. Class 2-F has the same problem. Unfortunately, there are too many girls, and each one’s individual cuteness isn’t able to shine. The solution to their problem? A fight to the death. Our solution to our problem, typeset a chapter about DAEDs.

These DAEDS are (defective) automated external defibrillators. They don’t quite work correctly, but the shock should be enough to get us working. In our case, it leads to typos and spelling errors. In Class 2-F’s case, it leads to a zombie outbreak. (At any rate, I think this chapter is almost the end result of kodansha or someone requesting Kumeta do a PSA in his manga. The first two or three pages show.)

You can read about both situations here:

Chapter 181
Chapter 239


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