Another Batch of SZS (237, 238, 240)

by suimasenscans

Have A Despairing Halloween 2010!

Well, I don’t have a whole lot to say, although each chapter has some pretty special moments, like the Rube Goldberg Machine of Despair, as well as lessons in understanding hikikomori and stalker body language in 237, Chiri facepalm in 238, and more girls in gym uniforms in 240.


Chapter 237
Chapter 238
Chapter 240

(five chapters in a week is working a little hard, isn’t it?)


Edit: NO U

5 Comments to “Another Batch of SZS (237, 238, 240)”

  1. I was strongly tempted to put a picture of Matoi from the one H-doujin with the hypo needles…oh yeah, you know the one… But I remembered it’s Halloween this weekend. and Oyashiro has provided treats, so a hearty arigatou to him!

  2. could i get a link for RAW scanlation of chapter 237 please 😕
    i kinda need it for my thesis _(_ _)_

  3. 238 was surprisingly melancholic for SZS.

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