A Suimasen Attempt at Holiday Relevance (SZS 236, 241)

by suimasenscans

Suimasen, Halloween cleanup...

So last week, the new SZS chapter came out, and wouldn’t you know it, it was Halloween themed. Now, we like to be in spirit with the holidays (whichever holiday it is), and I thought it would be easily possible to get a chapter that we got on a Thursday out on Sunday. I couldn’t be more wrong. After losing my weekend to aiding someone’s pursuit of true love (a tale of intrigue that took me halfway across the state and back, ending with me off alone playing the vidya), and playing the vidya (on the bright side, I got the Sackston Hale before GT did), I found myself at 11:59pm on Sunday with only 2/3 of a chapter done, and a paper due for a class the next afternoon. Needless to say, I failed my mission.


However, compared to previous attempts at holiday relevance (we started working on that particular chapter two days before Valentine’s Day), I have done well.

There’s also a chapter about missing opportunities, too. I guess my stab at holiday relevance counts.

Chapter 236
Chapter 241

(I would also like to ask people not to reup this to mangafox, as we’d like to pull this from circulation once this volume comes out in English, if ever)

Quick note, I had to reupload chapter 241, as there were a couple typesetting mistakes still present in the chapter. Nobody Panic!

4 Comments to “A Suimasen Attempt at Holiday Relevance (SZS 236, 241)”

  1. Don’t panic

  2. I hope to get something for Christmas out on time though 😉

  3. He just lettin everybody know I am not dead my Pc however is, yep it finally went bye-bye, :(….

    but I have a new one with windows 7, still this means yet more delays as I need to get everything sorted out before I get cracking again…

  4. I haven’t checked kumetan wiki yet, but it looks like there’s another missed opportunity on page 9 of chapter 236. Abiru-chan throws away her stick when there’s a perfectly good dog standing there…

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