There’s Something About Marii-san (Joshi 7)

by slyborg

Tea in the Sahara with you...

Ocha dozo

So, Fate/Suimasen: Unlimited Slack Works is pleased to release the last hole in our Joshiraku Vol. 1 coverage with this chapter. Chapter 9 is left, along with an omake version of Chapter 1. No promises, but should be a shorter gap than this past one (`_`) as Chapter 9 has already been translated by our dauntless Kasu.

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In this installment of cute girls doing weird things, questions are raised regarding Marii-san’s womanhood, which can only be resolved, naturally, in the bath. You may notice a pattern here in the chapters I typeset. This is entirely a coincidence. YA RLY.


[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: slyborg]

One Comment to “There’s Something About Marii-san (Joshi 7)”

  1. Finally another chapter! Haven’t seen any new release/raw in the past few months(?)

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