Extra Special Terminology (FK 2wei Special 1 & 2 + Batch)

by slyborg

For those keeping score at home

With the serialization of 2wei, Hiroyama-sensei also started tossing out the odd short filler chapter which we have been calling “Specials” or “Extras”, because the Japanese terminology itself has varied (the usual version would translate as “Extra Chapter”). Unfortunately,  there is no consistent naming scheme possible for these. Part of the issue, I think, is that some of these were actually published in Type-Moon Ace instead of Comp Ace, which is where the original PRISMA Illya and 2wei are serialized.

In any case, 4 of these are included in Volume 2 of the 2wei tankoubon, labeled, unsurprisingly, Specials 1-4. However, a previous special we released was itself already clearly labeled Special 4 when originally published and is different from the chapter in the tankoubon :/ Anyway, tl;dr – Kadokawa fails hard at numbering things. The solution I have decided upon is to follow the tank numbering, which leaves the 2 orphan specials as “Volume 0”.

Sate…Special 1 actually could be considered a prequel of the entire Fate/Kaleid story, as it details the first epic battle between Luvia and Rin that gets them sent to Japan in the first place.

>> Get 2wei Special 1 here<<

Special 2 is an odd little snippet that is highly entertaining because it basically consists of Ruby TROLLING LIKE A BOSS, as well as explaining how Illya has major brother complex, but its really ok… sort of.

>> Get 2wei Special 2 here <<

Since I’m in batch mode here this evening, I have also provided a batch for the specials for your convenience.

>> FK 2wei Specials Batch <<

[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg]

One Comment to “Extra Special Terminology (FK 2wei Special 1 & 2 + Batch)”

  1. 2 Illyas at the same time are just like two shots of joy for me!!

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