Like, I was in this band… (KK 44)

by slyborg


At some point, it’s fairly common to end up in a band…or at least talk about ending up in a band. This seems to exist in all cultures, and I’m pretty sure if you go far enough back, there were some Neanderthals with sticks and mammoth bones sitting around the campfire in some cave and saying, “Dudes, we should totally form a BAND. You know how it echoes really loud in front of the glacier, man, we could rock out for MILES…”

In this episode, such an apparition is found preserved from an earlier age by Kaizō, and unwisely revived in the present day, and despite the best efforts of Chitan to channel Def Leppard, disaster strikes…but please enjoy this chapter anyway!

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[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: Kaijin]

3 Comments to “Like, I was in this band… (KK 44)”

  1. Have you seen SZS 243? After YEARS of teasing the fans with miniskirts flapping in the breeze almost but not quite showing anything, someone besides Kaere-chan becomes a panchira girl.

  2. 243? I thought long ago Abiru also showed her panty and Kanako showed her nipple…

    • It’s not that there’s no exposure at all in SZS, it’s just that the teasing miniskirts are a standard feature of the manga, like storks, dogs with sticks and former Prime Ministers. This is kind of like when Rin changed from her usual looking-over-her-left-shoulder pose (the chapter where she changed had several of the other characters in the exact same pose to lampshade it).

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