Gaming The System (SZS 164)

by slyborg


What are the odds of rolling a natural Chiri on a 1d6?

It never ceases to amaze me that mangaka can get material out for weeklies, week in and week out. This particular chapter was the better part of a week for me to typeset, because of all the gameboard backgrounds. Kumeta-sensei and his assistants pulled out all the stops on this chapter, this is certainly the most complex typeset I’ve done on SZS, and probably that we’ve done period in some time. We also doff our cap to our translator Kasu on this for providing translations for all of those backgrounds! However,  the fact that the joseitachi were in 和服 wafuku (traditional Japanese clothes) is always a plus for me; and, chibi-Chiri on the last page ❤ I actually enjoyed this chapter quite a bit, and I hope you do as well…

This chapter is centered around the traditional Japanese board game called Sugoroku. There are a lot of variants of this game, and Kumeta of course has his own specialized versions for different interest groups 😉 It’s traditionally played on New Year’s, making it the Japanese equivalent of the epic Stratego battles at the slyborg family household during the holidays…

>> Get SZS 164 here <<

We also hope our US readership had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday, and we will hopefully have some additional holiday gifts for all of you between now and Christmas!

In the near-term, however, since this chapter heavily kicked my ass, I’m going to go back to fightan lolis next…

[Translation: Kasu Typesetter: slyborg]

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