An Island of Stability (SZS 242)

by suimasenscans

Chiris Gonna Chiri

Chiris Gonna Chiri

There’s always something that starts out a little iffy, but with time, you become more and more confident about it. In Japan, they have a holiday for this. In order to celebrate the transition from sickly early childhood into a robust middle childhood, the Japanese celebrate the holiday of Shichi-go-san. However, class 2-F has an interesting way of keeping it relevant to themselves, by finding examples of everyday things that also reach a threshold of stability. Or, if that’s not to your liking, you can always celebrate the reverse, like Chiri.



Anyway, I’m back from a week off, and somehow find myself *3* weeks behind serialization. I’ll be working my darnedest to catch up over the next few days, though (that is, if classes don’t interfere).

(leaving on a jet plane way too late to make that joke)

[TL: Kasu TS: Oyashiro]

2 Comments to “An Island of Stability (SZS 242)”

  1. did…did you forget to actually link to the download, or am I missing something

  2. No, I missed the link to the download. I’m so out of it since getting back~

    It’s fixed now, sorry about that.

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