Cold… so cold (SZS 147+182)

by royalgreentea

GreenTea here.
Sorry for net being active lately, I’ve been really busy the past weeks.
Fortunaly my job ended yesterday, so I got more time on my hands now.

These two chapters have been in my folder for almost half an eternity
and I’m glad that I finally found the power and time to finish/release them.

->SZS 147<– and  ->SZS 182<
(Due to a typo I accidently labeled the chapter 183 instead of 182)

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling much like scanlating for quite a while now,
and already thought about leaving this group, and do something else. Like focusing on drawing again.
I’m still uncertain what I should do,  I will think about it when I’m on vacation.
Until then, I will finish up my remaining scripts.


[Btw, stop the meme-spouting guys. You’re overdoing it.]

6 Comments to “Cold… so cold (SZS 147+182)”

  1. Hi. You published the same link twice. The link to the chapter 183 should have been

  2. I fixed it

  3. So, good job getting these out. However, your blog picture (a) has a typo featured (that’s that’s) and (b) says SZS 183. Also, 147 title page says 143. Also, you skipped about half of what I had in my proof notes. I’m cool with this, but then take my name off the credits so it doesn’t look like I’m completely incompetent.

  4. Posting for the sake of posting

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