ART-attack (Aki 20)

by royalgreentea

Nobody *** to us

GreenTea here.
Since it’s probably my last post  this year, I give you an early christmas gift

-This laptop doesn’t have those arrow keys, so just click on the whole sentence to DL-

As most of you guys already know, there are currently no raws beyond chapter 20. So no more Aki Sora till they pop up somewhere on the internets.

Okay, I will now start my journey to Canada.

-GreenTea (dunno how to airplane)

8 Comments to “ART-attack (Aki 20)”

  1. Thanks for the chapter – have a safe trip!

  2. Christmas come early for sure! Much appreciated.

    Also, lack of raws makes me sadface 😦

  3. Many thanx. Is it still vol 3? Have a nice trip.


    Thx a whole lot for this!. 😀

    I didn’t read it yet since I just found out. Will do it ASAP though.
    On another note,
    You just forgot to rightly categorize this post on the “releases/aki-sora-releases” category. (It’s “Uncategorized” right now…)

    Really… Thx for this!.

    C Ya L8r then!. ;P

  5. Well, coz of the nature of this manga and because of the crackdown on NSFW stuff many are afraid of scanning it. Anyway, thanks a lot. Hope at some point it will get released. @ehud: No, it’s vol. 4, which ends with this chapter. 21-25 are on 5. I found a LQ version of that but that’s not well done (the guy took photos of it instead of scanning), not good for a scanlation project.

  6. Thanks so much! Somehow this manga just always seems to bring a smile to my face.

  7. Very nice and exciting chapter !
    I like Runa’s chapters very much (except the infamous gang bang chapter) !!

  8. By the way, i’ve found a torrent of chapters 21-25 here :

    Maybe it could help u. ^^

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