Divide by Zero (Root Paradise Ch. 3/Ch. 4)

by slyborg

Math, in MY manga? It's more likely than you'd think!

The epic tale of woe that describes the history of this manga in Suimasen would… well… fill several SMS messages at least. Suffice it to say that it ended up having the same level of popularity as it had with Shogakukan :/ To make a long story short, this is it for RP from us at least for the time being, unless Haruhi decrees it or something. If there is a hidden population of secret fans of this, please add a comment below and maybe we’ll change our minds…

>> Root Paradise Ch. 3 <<
[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: Masada-chan]

>> Root Paradise Ch. 4 <<
[Translator: Kasu Typesetter: wutz]

Also thanks to Masada-chan for typesetting Ch. 3 so we could release Ch.4 and a round of applause for wutz, one of our (well, GT’s) proofers who decided to try his hand at typesetting, and did a quite credible job…


5 Comments to “Divide by Zero (Root Paradise Ch. 3/Ch. 4)”

  1. Yay! i was waitin for this. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the chapters!

    Really a shame that you’re going to be dropping this. Hopefully the series has enough fans that some other group will pick up from where you left off

  3. Sucks that you are going to drop this. This is the best manga that you guys scan, at least in my opinion. Is there anything that can be done to keep it going?

    • Find us more translators :/ This is a seinen manga, which in practical terms means no furigana, so the translator has to have a reasonable number of kanji to hand to handle it in a reasonable amount of time. I personally kind of like RP, and from the limited download data I have its approximately as popular as Joshiraku, but we have a lot of titles and are down to one active translator, and as a group we are primarily dedicated to SZS and KK.

      tl;dr. We’ll see.

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